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About club

The Running Club «Sylvia» was set up on March 16, 1998 in the town of Gatchina, that is one of the famous suburbs of St.Petersburg. Club was named after one of the Gatchina’s parks – our favourite place for running. Presently «Sylvia» joins about a half hundred runners, both the beginners and the experienced sportsmen.

As for its active participation in competitions, the number of active marathoners and the level of results, the RC «Sylvia» greatly outstrips other clubs in the region. In September, 2005 it has become the first club in the North-West region to be registered by the Committee of runners Clubs of Russian Athletics Federation

Our Club is open for everyone who likes running irrespective of age, skills or place of residence. We permanently communicate between ourselves, share our experience and impressions, train together and participate in all kinds of competitions.

Everyone who enjoys running and wants to become a member of our Club «Sylvia» is kindly invited to join us every Saturday and Sunday in the hall of the town swimming pool (DF «PIYAF», ul. Krupskoy №11, building 3, Gatchina, Russia).

Every year on June 12, the RC «Sylvia» in association with the Town Sport Committee holds the
«Along Avenues of History»
sport run. This is a planned event on the Russian Calendar of track-and-field competitions. The picturesque running-tracks lay through the park, winding around the former emperor palace. It is the heart of architectural ensemble of Gatchina. The large choice of distances for contests, much attention to organization, worthy prizes – all these things make this run more and more popular. In 2007 it has already gathered about four hundred participants.
Moreover, every year we organize five «club running competitions» to improve training work and putting into effect new forms of competitions. Everybody can take active part in them. They are:

- the second Sunday of November –  «Off-season»,  (the distances are 5, 10 and 15 km);

- the fourth Sunday of November –  «Hello, Winter!»,   (the distances are 10 and 21 km);

- the fourth or fifth Sunday of December –  «Hello, New Year!»,   (the distances are 10 and 30 km);

- the third Sunday of March –  «The club’s Birthday»,   (the distances are 5, 10 and 15 km);

- the second Sunday of August –  «The long avenues»,   (the distances are 30 km, 42 km 195 m, 60 km).

The Running Club «Sylvia» aspires to extend its contacts and any forms of collaboration. That’s why all your questions and offers are heartedly welcome. You can leave your messages into «Guest book» or have a talk with club leaders:

+7903-099-2589 Yuri Vinogradov yurvin(a)list.ru

+7960-286-5221, (81371) 70-234, 4-64-11 Vladimir Radaev

(81371) 3-88-94       Anatoli Degtyarenko

(81371)995-26 – fax


List of Club’s Members


If you are ready to share any useful information about region running events with visitors of our site please send your information to the address: 12june(a)list.ru

Welcome to running-tracks of Gatchina!